Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Systems Of Abundance Manifesto

Human doing human stuff

As a human I wanted to make my intentions for this blog clear.  It is my hopes that this blog will be fun for me, that I will be able to put my ideas and other peoples idea on it and that they too will have fun.  The things that interest me are what is working well, what are the patterns that we can share and pull in from elsewhere in Technology, Group Management, Start-ups and Business Strategy .  I will hopefully come back later and add a link to the Patterns Library that TopFloor is working on, but that is not finished so more on that later.  To get at the roots you can read A Pattern Language, by Christopher Alexander and here is the Wikipedia page.

What the blog is going to cover

  • Social Dynamics
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Open Source
  • User Experience
  • Group Process and Group Dynamics
  • Innovative Ideas on Tech, Education 
  • How to build healthy systems]
  • Patterns, Cases Studies and Best Practices
  • Organizational Strategy
  • Big Ideas
  • My Ideas
  • A lot of collaboration with others (thats how I roll)


The most important reason for me to blog is to get others involved with the ideas and projects we are working with and to be introduced to new ideas and projects.  This site will be successful if I can have daily interactions around the ideas that I'm passionate about.

What I'd like you to do
  • Read my blog, subscribe to it
  • Give me constructive feedback and help me form my ideas and do better on my projects
  • Learn about some of the awesome stuff that I pick up along the way and add to it
  • Reach out to me, lets connect :)

Who I am

I'm the CEO of TopFloorStudio and as of this post, also working on a startup SAAS (software) called Wharf.

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