Thursday, January 23, 2014

Announcing 4 Speakers for Startup Product Asheville Feb 26th + Help us collaborate please

February 26th 5 to 7pm, what are you doing? In honor of collaboration we've started a new event, Startup Product Asheville. This hopes to bring together different organizations and networks in the name of building out our support for entrepreneurs, cultural creatives, geeks and the creative class in general. Thank you to Asheville Music Hall for hosting us!

We have 4 wonderful speakers lined up and I'm happy to share them here as many of them have just been confirming today. We will have 1 hour of networking and 1 hour or a little more of program.

Robin Cape - will present the Collider, a collaborative space that will change the entrepreneurial landscape (like an RTP in the making move)

Bradley Waldrop - will talk about what an Lean Startup Circle is about

Craig McAnsh - signed on today and hopefully will in part give an update about Mojo, 3d printing and whats next for Asheville 

David Miller - will give us an update on the Story Worlding revolution and hopefully we will have some immersive technology at the event.

Read more about our partnership with Cindy Solomon on the West Coast here:
and more about the spirit of collaboration that we are hoping to strike here:

I am currently trying to partner with groups that would sponsor and help collaborate, invite your membership and generally help out. Asheville Makers and Lean Startups are the first organizations to come on board, but with your help and with my drive to make it happen we will have a truly collaborative shindig.

Also forgot to mention that Ken Hurley and Nicholas Rake will be making the music for the night.

RSVP for the event here:

Special thanks to KP of Asheville Music Hall for sponsoring this event.  Hopefully Mojo Kitchen will be serving some food upstairs for those who would like to eat.

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