Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Planting seeds of democracy in Asheville [link]

Below I'm giving some context around and linking to a blog I wrote for Asheville Grit.  Please join us in making Asheville the Facilitation Beacon of the Southeast.

My intention for this blog is to write more in depth articles and to supplement the other collaborations I am involved with.  Getting my spinneret glands in gear and spinning some webs that tie together my thoughts, strategies and actions has been a primary goal.  But now more than ever I want people to join the conversation and help build coherence with the movements that are taking place all around us.  This is a change of pace from the experimental start this blog had.  Please bear with me as I make the transition.  Systems of Abundance is as much a question as an answer - I've asked many folks to help me answer some big questions.  Perhaps we can start harvesting answers soon?  There maybe pauses and *gasp* continued experimentation as we move the blog forward.

That brings us to the matter at hand.  In collaboration with Rosa Zubizarreta, author of From Conflict to Creative Collaboration, Gaya Erlandson, and Susan Michael, we created this blog post about Wisdom Councils, why they are important and whats happening over the next couple of weeks that is bringing together some amazing folks to center their attention to nurturing the Asheville seeds of Wisdom Councils.  What are Wisdom Councils?  Think participatory democracy, think solving conflict and helping unite "We the People".  Read more here:

Looking forward,
Ty Hallock

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