Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Improve your life journey with Mentoring

This is a short post, but is foreshadowing a larger article I'm writing in collaboration with some folks about the power of mentoring, my experiences with co-mentoring and break-through conversations.  Stay tuned.  
Update: my friend Galen Radtke, inspired by this blog post, wrote a build-on post: http://www.wamerjam.com/on-mentoring/

Here is to personal breakthroughs!

I've had 2 simultaneous (over the same few weeks) breakthroughs with 2 mentoring relationships and so I hope to share to encourage everyone else.

I have believed for 10 years or so in the idea of mentors, folks have helped me to move to the next level like Jonathon Flaum​, Ed Brenegar​ and Jenny Fares​.  This month I helped someone I mentor, after about 2 years of working together, find the job in the profession they want.

Then I had a huge breakthrough yesterday with one of my mentors who has changed how I look at conversation and collaboration (which is quite vital for my role at Trusted Sharing).  The other learning was its all about the learnings.  And another learning business is not to stay busy but to help life flourish.  May the cup overfloweth. So if you can find a mentor or be a mentor for someone in need - consider it.

We are all in this together.

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