Friday, November 8, 2013

Ideas, collaboration and short posts

In order to feel comfortable in a blogging space I had to spend many hours de-programming myself around the worry I have with blogging.  People will judge me.  I won't be able to communicate the essence of my real ideas so people will think my ideas are not good enough.  So with that being said I plan to put ideas up on this blog in an early state.  I plan to say something and later change my mind and I plan to iterate through these blog posts, adding and changing what I had earlier as my ideas change course.   I'm taking it easy on myself to have a more open environment where I can actually innovate in the same way I do at TopFloorStudio.

I reserve the right to put up a short post, a weird post or something that doesn't fit my SOA Manifesto.  And I hope you will join me by collaborating with us and joining the community.  By inviting strangers to be community and inviting the community to blog and build on our ideas and getting the best in the world on here I hope to be much more than Ty Hallock could do on his own.  

This is a platform of a blog.  

There will be ideas worth spreading and ideas that I would like to get feedback on and aren't worth spreading... until after we iterate through it a couple of times.


  1. I think blogging is one third writing ability, one third authenticity, and one third courage. The courage part seems to gain the least attention, but without it you will be inclined to copy-cat, speak to the prevailing wisdoms, cow-tie to authority, and second guess yourself every step of the way. Suggestion: go for it!

  2. Thank you Glenn. I'm having fun with it and really trying to bring a collaborative side to my blog that I don't see everywhere. You and I should tag team on a post in the next couple of weeks. I am doing my first collaborative post this week and I will tell you how it works out.